The roots of tradition, the strength of innovation

100% buffalo milk

Over 70 years of passion

Born in 1950 from the passion and love for buffalo mozzarella, the La Bella Contadina dairy is located in the heart of the DOP area between the cities of Capua and Mondragone, historic locations for the breeding and processing of buffalo milk.

Our products

The wide range of our stretched curd products is made with 100% buffalo milk, scrupulously following the production regulations decreed by the Consortium for the protection of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP. Our buffalo mozzarella is synonymous with quality and passion, standing out for its freshness and goodness.


Only from good milk can a good product be born, this is the phrase that summarizes our work in the most effective way: only from careful selection and extreme care of the milk can a product with excellent characteristics be derived. From the centrality of this value, which has inspired us from the beginning, all the rest of our activity arises; and will always remain the cornerstone of our company.