Our history

Over 70 years of passion

In 1950, the agricultural and buffalo breeding company was founded, which was successful thanks to the passion for the production of buffalo mozzarella. Over the years, the company has evolved and over time has become a successful dairy.

In 1998, Caseificio La Bella Contadina was inaugurated and began selling its products on the local market, enjoying great success. Thanks to the quality of its products, sales also expand outside the region, consolidating its reputation and commercial success.

In 2010, the increase in production makes it necessary to expand the spaces of Caseificio La Bella Contadina. Furthermore, the dairy is enriched with cutting-edge equipment to improve the quality of the products and develop a market abroad, becoming a modern and competitive company.

In 2016, Caseificio La Bella Contadina continues to invest in its growth, carrying out further expansions and creating a biogas production plant and a photovoltaic system to reduce the environmental impact of its activity.

Today, Caseificio La Bella Contadina Caseificio has become one of the main protagonists of the Italian dairy sector, thanks to its attention to product quality, cutting-edge technology and its ability to adapt to new production, quality and market needs. Its modern and functional structure makes it one of the most important and advanced dairies in the sector.

The D.O.P. territory

D.O.P. Area

The factory and owned farms are located in a strategic position between the cities of Capua and Mondragone, in Grazzanise (CE), in an area that is part of the DOP zone, known for being free of industrial settlements and therefore uncontaminated.

Every hectare of land is used for agriculture intended for the buffalo supply chain and managed with scrupulous care by the farms present. Our company considers growth and respect for the surrounding area to be fundamental, and this is why all the milk used for processing comes exclusively from this area.


To maintain the continuity of this relationship and preserve the well-being of the surrounding environment, our company has decided to equip itself with a photovoltaic system and a biogas system. In this way, we not only ensure sustainable production, but also contribute to reducing environmental impact. Our choice to use renewable energy and to valorise our waste represents a concrete commitment to protecting the environment and for the future of generations to come.

Our Values






The current structure covers a total area of over 25,000 m2 of which 10,000 are covered. Over the last 10 years it has undergone various expansions to follow the continuous and constant growth in volumes produced and adapt to the continuous and changing needs of the reference markets.

This has led to having one of the most technologically advanced structures in the entire sector, equipped with cutting-edge equipment and machinery, while maintaining a strong focus on the artisanal component of the product which, for La Bella Contadina, remains a cornerstone.

The commitment is to give its Customers the guarantees and security of an industry, with the particularities and taste of the small artisan dairy. Innovation and new technologies must not abandon tradition and high quality thanks to which La Bella Contadina has become among the leading companies in the sector.