Frozen line IQF (Individual Quick Freezing)

Frozen mozzarella is made with 100% buffalo milk and frozen immediately after processing. This process allows the product to be preserved for up to a year while maintaining its authentic and strong flavour.
Pasteurized buffalo milk, natural whey starter, salt, rennet.
Conservation methods
Store at - 18°C; The product can be defrosted in the fridge if left for approximately 24 hours. Once thawed it cannot be refrozen and must be kept in the fridge (+4°C) and used within 7 days.
Nutritional values (average values) per 100g
Energy 1,198 kJ - 288 kcal Fat 25 g of which saturated 17 g Carbohydrates 0.8g of which sugars 0.5g Proteins 15g Salt 0.56g

1kg (5gr – 10gr – 20gr), 5kg (5gr – 10gr – 20gr)


10 Kg, 14 Kg, 300 Kg

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