B uffalo freshness. "Our ricotta is neither smoothed nor homogenised. It is processed on the same day on which the serum is separated after the breaking of the curd in the making of the mozzarella di bufala, without adding preservatives". Explains Giovanni Boncompagni, sales manager of the Cooperativa La Contadina. The company, based in the province of Caserta, is devoted to buffalo farming and is present in the ricotta market with their 300g ricottina di bufala fresca, hand-wrapped and available in the large distributor retail outlets, at the deli-counters in heat-sealed transparent trays. The ricottina bufalina is produced by the traditional methods, in stainless steel tanks. "We decided to focus on one single multi-distribution-channel product. Even though our industrial distribution channels are increasing demand, particularly the pasta factories", explains the sales manager. The Cooperativa La Contadina sells most of its ricotta in the regions of Campania, Tuscany, Lombardy and Piedmont. Finally, with regard to new products for this segment, Boncompagni suggests: "In the future, given the output of our lactose-free mozzarella, with the whey from its production we will be able to produce lactose-free buffalo ricotta". Read the full article >>