A lactose-free mozzarella di bufala PDO. This is the new product for 2012 which was presented at Cibus by the Cooperativa La Contadina, an agricultural business and buffalo farm in Campania specialised in the production of mozzarella di bufala PDO. "This is the first lactose-free mozzarella di bufala PDO in the world - explains the sales manager, Giovanni Boncompagni, enthusiastically. The elimination of lactose in the product occurs during the hydrolysis, which breaks it down into two simpler sugars, galactose and glucose". The new product has received PDO status from the Protected Designation of Origin Consortium: "The product is equal to the traditional version, with a sweeter and less acidic taste". It is available in packs of 125 grams of small heat-sealed plastic cups and is also intended for the retail outlets of the large Italian and international distributors. Read the full article >>