CIBUS 2014

T he leading Food Exhibition in Italy, and third in the world, CIBUS has become the primary global showcase for Italian food companies; this year once again it hit new records in terms of exhibitors and visitors. La Contadina had a stand with 54 square metres of exhibition space, which was among the most beautiful and welcoming of the trade show. Over the 4 days of the show old national and international clients passed through our space as well as a number of new potential buyers. The numbers were impressive, so much so that it was not possible to give our full attention to everyone; fortunately, we took the details of the latter to later contact them at their premises. Among the products which attracted most interest were the new range of fresh and SURGELATA/IQF cubettata, the lactose-free mozarella and the new ciambella; the latter aroused the curiosity of many British and American buyers, due to the important place that doughnuts have in their culture.