Always followed carefully

T he Logistics System is able to handle both AxB and the traditional AxC orders / deliveries, thus ensuring the maximum possible remaining shelf-life on delivery, while fully respecting the cold chain. An office with 3 employees, which is open for business for 24 hours a day, is able to respond with absolute promptness and professionalism to every request. Despite the presence of cold storage (which is solely for the purpose of lowering temperatures and maintenance of the cold chain during the loading of transport vehicles), nothing is stored and all product is shipped on the same day that it is packaged. Transport is provided either by our own vehicles or by those of our partner carriers with 7 distribution platforms capable of covering the whole of Italy and by another 11 capable of serving foreign markets (EU and non-EU) by road, air and ship. The national territory is served in less than 24 hours, while the EU and non-EU markets are reached in 48 to 72 hours. Total traceability is ensured by continuous document management and is constantly monitored at every level of the process, from milk collection, through processing and packaging to transportation. For export shipments, the Quality Office, coordinated by Logistics, arranges for certification of health, of origin and any additional documentation to be supplied with a timetable of no more than a day after the order.