Passionate commitment since 1950

T he Farm and the Buffalo Herd were born in 1950. In subsequent years, the passion and the love for buffalo mozzarella led this Farm to become a Cheese Factory. This evolution allowed us to follow the entire production process up to the point of sale. In 1998, thanks to the growth in production, La Contadina Cheese Cooperative was opened, located in Grazzanise (CE - Caserta) in the heart of the Caserta cattle farming area between the towns of Capua and Mondragone which has a long history of raising buffalo and processing their milk. Production was initially focused primarily on sales for the local market, and then expanded gradually to some customers outside the region. The increase in production made it necessary to expand the space available. The Cheese Factory was enhanced with advanced equipment and started to develop its markets even going abroad. Today the Factory has been gradually adapted to new production, quality and market requirements with six expansions and continuous innovation in its machinery. Currently it boasts one of the most modern and functional establishments in the entire sector.

At the heart of the technology

T he current establishment covers a total area of over 20,000 square meters of which 8,000 are covered. Over the past 10 years it has undergone six expansions to keep up with the continuous and steady growth in production volumes and to adapt to the continuous and ever-changing needs of our regular markets and the fresh challenges of new markets. This has led to one of the most technologically advanced facilities of the entire sector, equipped with advanced machinery and equipment. It keeps a strong focus, however, on the craft component of the product, which remains a fundamentally key point for La Contadina. The promise is to give the Customers the certainty and safety of an industrial product, with the special character and taste of the small craft dairy. For La Contadina modernity and new technologies should not mean abandoning the tradition and high quality that made it one of the top brands of the dairy sector.