Animal welfare and environmental compliance

T he farms supplying milk (about 20 of them, including those of the family) are all carefully selected and located within a radius of 15 km from the plant, making the supply chain very short. In this way we try not to "stress" the milk, so that it arrives "still hot" in the factory, ready to be processed immediately. Milk collection takes place daily, using our own tankers with our own employees. Periodically staff from our Quality Office perform on-farm verification audits, checking the stables and milking parlours in order to monitor both animal welfare and the sanitary conditions. The family farm consists 3 herds of about 3.500 animals and more than 200 hectares of land to grow feed crops for them. Very high quality standards are demanded for La Contadina from our own farm and from those of the other suppliers, higher than those required in the regulations (in particular, freezing point depression, bacterial load and percentage of fat and protein). If the product coming from the farm does not pass, milk collection is suspended.  In the case of repeated failure, the contract is ended immediately. Controlling the quality standard of the milk collected ensures a regular supply of milk at a constant and high level of quality, the benefit of this is seen both in the optimization of the production process and in a mozzarella which always maintains its quality and characteristics.