Mozzarella takes its shape

T he production regulations decreed by the Ministry of Agriculture , Food and Forestry are scrupulously followed both for the production of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO and for that of La Contadina buffalo milk Mozzarella. These are enhanced with the "secrets": the skill and expertise acquired over many years of passionate commitment. The milk processing facilities are state of the art, ensuring a high quality product that complies both with the standards of hygiene and with the traditional cheese making process.Current production stands at over 5,000 tons of product per year, with an average daily processing of over 50 tons of milk. Thanks to the extraordinary flexibility of the plant, obtained with cutting-edge technology, we would be able to double the production without having to make further upgrades to the machinery and production structure. The production is able to meet the diverse needs of the market with products for large multiple retailers, Ho.Re.Ca., ordinary retailers and both the domestic and foreign food industry.