W ith our wide range of products, sizes and packaging, we can produce products with made-to-order packaging, processing and personalised services, including third party branding. From our traditional products to those with a longer shelf-life, including SURGELATA/IQF; from our "Italian" products to those with "low-moisture" or lactose free, our company can meet all the needs of our customers, be they private trade, HORECA, large retail distributors or large industry. We also guarantee to supply our products to the private label market, even for small orders. Among our customers are some of the most important large Italian and International distributors; even our domestic and international wholesalers and exclusive retailers operate with the utmost respect for their distribution area, guaranteeing growth and customer loyalty for both parties and creating long-lasting relationships which we fully intend to continue into the future. This industry is a market with enormous potential and one that places huge value on service and, in particular, product consistency, two requirements that we are able to meet in full, allowing us to be among the first in Italy to supply this sector. Almost every customer each year completes an inspection audit at our factory; not only does this strengthen their trust in us, but it also increases our know-how. An ethics audit is also undertaken by a major international company. We have a presence across the whole of Italy and through all distribution channels. We also have a presence internationally in more than 32 EU and non-EU countries. The best and most renowned hotels and restaurants in the world use our products as well as some of the biggest and best distributors.